Passing the habitual molds present in the publishers industry, COLÓNIA CALÚNIA assumes like a collective of creative minds. A kind of beehive, within which producers, MCs and designers function as working bees, all of them working in tune, only for a purpose common to the artistic community in which they are inserted.

After the presentation to the world with CAFÉ, signed by VULTO. and L-ALI in 2016, COLÓNIA CALÚNIA crossed in 2018 its best year, rewarding the listeners with eight editions. On stage, three of these projects deserve special attention. VULTO. and L-ALI rejoined efforts in LISTA DE REPRODUÇÃO, a work that mixes author flows with acidic keyboards and trap beats out of common standards. MONRÓVIA was the debut EP of Charon, served again by VULTO, and paid homage to the traditional Portuguese song, reimagining it with the eyes set not only in the present, but also in the future. The [CAIXA] arrived last but quickly took over as one of the most important releases of 2018, with Metamorfiko challenging the laws of digital beatmaking and Secta to spit venom between the breccias of drums and samples molded and saturated by his producer's hand.