Kerox emerged at the genesis of Xita Records in 2015, label he founded with Primeira Dama. From the beginning, he showed a remarkable aesthetic distance from the rest of the collective, where singer-songwriting and garage-rock prevailed, without losing interest and participating fully in its events and projects, propelled in the Lisbon scene. Kerox as a producer brings us marshy landscapes, in an interplay between expansive horizons from cybergrind to ibm and destructive industrial verticality.

With tracks that emerge from the epicenter of his concerns, such as "Facegrinder" or "Sarna" (2018), Kerox manages to keep us in a glitch full of false steps (with deep certainties simultaneously) and makes us question the clubbing-friendly concept. 2018 has so far been his most fertile year, with the start of the monthly "Digital Freak" program on Rádio Quântica and his presence on the line-up of key events such as OUT.FEST, Kit Ket, R U S T, VANTABLACK next to marum, and mina. As a DJ, which is a different perspective from producing, he challenges the clubbing culture, such as the expectation of dance and the whole notion of body and expression.